Please help our Brothers and Sisters who are suffering in this time of need.

I wanted to share Today's Daily Word.
It sure comforts me.

Comfort God’s light dispels all darkness. Dark clouds may at times hide the sun. And there may be days in my life that seem clouded and dark. Whatever my challenge or sorrow, I know there is a place where God’s light never ceases to shine and where there is no darkness. I go to that place within in prayer. Finding a comfortable spot, I close my eyes. I see the light that penetrates any shadow, and I feel the radiance of God’s love in my heart. I am comforted and strengthened. My mind is calm with a deep sense of peace. I face nothing alone; God’s presence is always with me. There is no darkness that can withstand the light of God. I am safe. I am comforted. The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?–Psalm 27:1 God bless our Brothers and Sisters in Christ Amen

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