Got books collecting dust?

This is  a great  way of getting rid of your books and get cash for it!.
And guess what they pay for your shipping!.
They Buy Books & They Pay The Shipping!

Today, I am excited to announce that Cash4books has partnered up with  an innovative partnership with their #1 charity.

 Now when you sell books to Cash4Books you have the option of contributing part of your payment to support children's education.

To see many of the great classroom projects to which Cash4Books and people like you have already contributed.

The real beauty of is that you get to pick out the projects you want to fund fully or even partially.  Did you just sell a book to for $30? Great!   Put it all towards one project or divide among three different ones. You are empowered to personally make a difference. If you give enough, you will get actual thank you cards from the classrooms that you made a difference in.

The benefits are many:

   Recycle old books for cash.
   Help classrooms in need.
   Get that "warm & fuzzy feeling" for making a difference in children's  lives.
   Get a tax write off.

For more information please visit the "Favorite Picks" tab, grab the nearest book that has been collecting dust, click the banner  and see how much of a difference you can make!

Thank you for your generosity.

Veronica. ;-)
Digital Scrapbooking you may ask?

Well, you have come to the right place, this is a fun way to use your talents of  arts and crafts and  watch them come to life :-)
I love this lets my mind create what's imaginable.
They offer digital scrapbooking kits, elements, templates, blog wear, Twitter backgrounds, gift ideas and more.They also offer free digital tutorials and downloads to encourage their  customers to revisit their site.

So, go on ahead let your imagination roll have fun!! :-)

For more information about this lovely wesite visit the "Favorite Picks" Tab

May you all have a fantastic week!